solar dealer programs

Contact Perry Consulting to find the right solar program for your business at NO COST to you!

By now you have heard all of the buzz around the residential solar industry, and have probably watched many colleagues enter the space. Adding solar products to your offering can be a great way to leverage your sales force, existing customer base and general overhead, while generating high margin revenue.


Entering the space as a full service solar contractor however has many challenges including high capital costs, market volatility, difficult licensing, process development and product knowledge to name a few. Our solar dealer program partners allow sales organizations to enter the space, and start originating customer contracts immediately with little investment. 


Program Features:


  • Automated proposal and contract process
  • Zero down installations for customers 
  • Multiple product offerings (Lease, Loan, PPA, Cash)
  • All design, permitting, equipment and installation handled by installation partner (You just sell)
  • Sales and product training 
  • Industry high pay
  • Reliable, fast installations 
  • Milestone payments for consistent cash flow
  • All major solar markets available